Ode to Welbeck

In 1970 Welbeck Street Car Park opened to serve for parking and storage for the new Debenhams flagship store on Oxford Street, London. The multi-storey car park designed by Michael Blampied & Partners attracted a lot of coverage from the architectural press. In 1971 'Building' wrote 'Blampied's design put aesthetic quality and structural ingenuity on a par with functionality creating a striking yet eminently practical building.' Less then 50 years later it was sold to developers Shiva Hotels for redevelopment and after several attempts for this remarkable building to be listed, which were turned down, the inevitable happened and on August 10th 2017 Westminster Council approved it's demolition. After being heralded as 'striking yet eminently practical' it has since been described 'has no particular aesthetic significance and its harsh geometry and alien appearance detracts from the setting of nearby heritage assets' by KM Heritage Consultants.
I love the harsh geometry and alien appearance, it's bold, unique and simply beautiful so since March 2017 I have been regularly photographing it to document its last few months.

This is my ode to the mighty Welbeck Street Car Park.
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